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The rest of my family!
My dad and my mom!

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image Books I like to read is the Alex Rider Series!image
The book i'm on is the Skeleton Key

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First, we have the anti group so far: Dream Avatarimage Dream Avatar

Awesome stuff about me!

I am a game atic image and love to play DDR SO much!image I'm also a black belt!image It's true, ask justwh (a.k.a.: Nitsuj)!image
I like pokemon like this guy ->image
His name is Chimchar!
p.s.: I enjoy having idiot council meetings image The red one is me, Leunam!image

My Awesome Friends!!!

mariojumper53 awesome 10 home biscuits

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    anti abik

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    hello my friend has been saying sorry so why will you not forgive him


    Reply from mariojumper53:

    Do you, Anti-Abik, have perrmission from my anti to talk with me?

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